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    I am first and foremost a passionate about long life learning.
    As a software developer, IT-Freelancer and trainer, Learning new skills was always essential in my job.
    When choosing the relevant future skills and the best courses to visit, i tried often to follow a simple 5 steps plan:

    ● Focus on growing technologies which have the potential to transform Business
    ● Become an expert in one niche, one platform or one domain to be able to offer running business solutions
    ● For a first course, opt always for a classroom training, it is the more effective and fun learning strategy than doing it alone or online
    ● Choose practical courses with less watching, and more doing because Learning begins the minute you do“
    ● Focus on short courses with fast results to keep highly motivated. ;one Day, one Skill; is the ultimate goal, and in most cases possible


    Under my company website you will find a selection of technologies, projects and events where I have been involved in the past few years.

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